Minicards Canada

Minicards are small, credit card-sized, individual marketing tools that provide hotel guests, tourists and business travelers with necessary information at a glance for museums, attractions, restaurants, retail stores and many other locations of interest.

Visitors are eager to explore our neat, sleek Minicards Marketplace displays, discovering a whole city's worth of recreation, retail and entertainment opportunities for themselves! Minicards are handsomely designed, full-colour advertising cards that replace the full-size brochures in messy, pawed through racks found in hotel lobbies.

The appealing design of Minicards will capture the attention of consumers, making it easy for consumers to choose the Minicards that interest them specifically.

The compact format of Minicards makes it convenient for people to select multiple cards and then tuck them easily into a pocket, purse or wallet.

Many customers choose Minicards for their minimal impact on the environment; these credit card-size coupons use much less paper, therefore help to reduce waste.

Hotel guests, tourists and business travelers love the compact Minicards format with its great-looking design, location maps and special offers! Get Minicards working for you!

Why should you promote your business with Minicards Canada?

Hotels love the tidy, convenient displays offered by Minicards. Brochure racks are messy.
Minicards are small, sleek and eco-friendly. Brochures don’t fit in wallets.
Hotel guests are looking for places to go. If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind.
You know your promotion is working simply by tracking the number of cards that are turned in.

Did you know…?

Minicards are visible - 7 out of 10 guests recall seeing Minicards in their hotels.
Minicards are appealing - 3 out of 5 guests take one or more Minicards.
Minicards are effective - 4 out of 5 guests visit a Minicards advertised location.
Minicards are available - displayed in 80% of Toronto’s hotels.

Get Minicards working for you!



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