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Minicards will be in Vancouver and Montreal hotels by early next year.

New York City

Minicards are handsomely designed, full-colour advertising cards that replace brochures found in hotel lobbies. Tourists and business travelers are eager to explore the neat, sleek Minicards Marketplace- a whole city's worth of recreation retail and entertainment opportunities!

Many customers choose Minicards because they know Minicards have a small impact on the environment; these credit card-size coupons help reduce paper waste because they use much less paper. And they fit neatly in a pocket, purse or wallet.

Tourists and business travelers love the compact Minicards format with its great-looking design, map to your location, and special offer- and they're earth friendly! Get Minicards working for you!

"Not only does our Minicards display look great in our lobby, the cards fit easily in your wallet and offer great discounts & dollars off! Who doesn't like something for free? Keep up the good work!"

Hilton Suites Conference Centre & Spa Toronto (Markham)