Minicards is the best revenue generating marketing tool that targets the “in market” tourist and student. We produce a Minicard that fits into any sized pocket or wallet. These pocket sized deals get directly into the hands of the desirable out of town and local tourist, business traveler, and students.

Since 2006 we have established a solid network of over 230 displays across the Greater Toronto Area. Our locations deliver a well qualified, revolving customer base in high traffic areas. Locations include hotels, universities and colleges, learning centres, condos and apartments, tourism centres, Pearson Airport and other unique locations, such as Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre. With our Grab and™ displays, our customers select the cards they want, quickly, easily and at no cost.

Minicards Design

Unlike brochures, Minicards are small credit card-sized individual marketing tools. The appealing design and compact format make it easy for locals and tourists to carry specific Minicards that interest them in their pocket or wallet. But don’t let their small size fool you – with space to showcase a photo of your location or product, a handy map and your special offer, a Minicard does everything a brochure does, but better!

Minicards Canada services include in-house design. DIY option: download our MiniCard Template.

The face of each Minicard conveys eye-catching advertiser information, including service category, logo, images and room for a discount or special offer. The reverse side of each Minicard contains important advertiser contact information, as well as directions and a route map so that visitors can easily find the advertiser's location.

Every advertiser is encouraged to provide incentives, discounts or special offers on their Minicard. This not only allows for tracking to determine the effectiveness of Minicards marketing; it also gives added value to the Minicard, encouraging retention of the card by the potential customer.

Sleek, easy-to-carry Minicards don’t get left behind – they stay close to your customer, right there in their wallet, handbag or pocket. Minicards get passed along to friends, family and colleagues since it’s so easy to take more than one.

Plus, Minicards are much less expensive to produce than a full-size brochure – and much more environmentally friendly. Your customers will appreciate that you advertise with a system that uses much less paper than standard brochures. Minicards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks and are FSC approved. Minimize your environmental footprint by using Minicards to maximize your business!

There's no question about it - Minicards Pack a BIG Marketing Punch!
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