Quick Snapshot

Minicards provide information
Promotional offers attract more attention
Results can be tracked
Easy to use - just "Grab ‘n Go"
Minicards take up less display space
Minicards fit into any wallet
Minicards are environmentally friendly
Their quality presentation and unique size make Minicards stand out
Minicards is a global brand
Our excellent distribution network targets tourists, residents and students
Excellent value for money
#1 Influencing medium for in market purchase decisions

Quick Facts

Recent Surveys Prove
Minicards Benefit Everyone:
Research shows that tourists and business travellers use advertising materials for obtaining information, planning and purchasing during a trip. According to Tourism Toronto, activities include attractions, restaurants, tours, shopping and entertainment.
73% of the survey participants noticed Minicards in their hotel.
60% of those who noticed Minicards selected one or more.
80% of those who selected Minicards, visited at least one of the attractions or businesses.

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